This is a single player adventure based on Japanese folklore set in early XX century, where the main character, Gentaro and his companions are trapped in the ghost realm and have to solve the mystery of finding their way home.

Gentaro: A 13 year old boy, he is the son of the village wood cutter. He has a strong build, with a big belly and a huge smile! Gentaro lives to discover a fantastic attribute; he is able to build everything and is physically strong and agile. He is equipped with a woodcutter axe and other tools that enable him to carry out his daily tasks.

Akira: A 12 year old son of a local scholar with a passion for antiquities and literature. Akira is skinny, wears thick eyeglasses and is very smart . He has more brains than brawn and he is passionate about ghost tales and the various Yokai folk stories. Akira will discover that all the traditional formulas and the talismans he learned about, while useless in the real world, will become a powerful tool in the spirit world.

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